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Welcome to 15ABC Singapore!

After 25 years the Asian Battery Conference finally returns to the island state of Singapore. After the first event held in Hong Kong, the success of the 2ABC in 1988 secured and paved the way for future events leading up to today’s 15th conference.

Over these years the conference content and its drivers has of course changed, from a very technical format to one that addresses both the technical and commercial aspects of a growing, developing industry. If one considers back in 1988 the world lead tonnage consumed was 5.5 million tonne with 65% entering the battery market, today we consume over 11 million tonne with 85% being converted to batteries. The range and types of batteries we now produce has also changed during this period with start-stop almost being the normal and VRLA a standard product. It’s a far cry from the antimonial alloy dominated market when many Asian producers were starting to think about converting the negative into a calcium alloy and producing their first hybrid back at the 2ABC!

So it is with this history and background I have great pleasure in welcoming all delegates to the 15ABC in Singapore and I hope we come away a better picture of our wonderful and growing industry.

Kind regards

Mark Stevenson
Conference Chair: 15th Asian Battery Conference and Exhibition

Conference Program

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We hope you enjoy the 15th Asian Battery Conference 2013, Singapore!

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Welcome to the
15th Asian Battery Conference

Organising Committee

Mr. Mark Stevenson:

   Ecobat Technologies Ltd  

Dr. David Rand:

   CSIRO Energy Technology

Mr. Christophe Thuet:

   Daramic LLc

Mr. Mark Richardson:

   Conference Works Pty Ltd 



Our Media Partner Batteries International are producing three pre-show features on 15ABC that will be distributed around the world. These features will culminate in a glossy special edition released onsite during the 15th Asian Battery Conference.

15ABC have special opportunities to advertise in the features and we encourage sponsors and exhibitors to contact Batteries International with any news they would like to share.

Batteries International

Ms. Karen Hamption